Now that you know how many calories you are supposed to be eating on a daily basis, you need to know what you need to be eating and drinking.

This also depends on you're goals. Meaning if you're wanting to just lose weight or you're wanting to lose weight and be healthier.

I say that, because you can still lose weight by eating the foods you like and drinking the drinks you like. Meaning you can eat Ice Cream, Cookies, Brownies and drink alcohol and still lose weight.

With that being said, of course that is not helping your health, eating and drinking like that.

The takeaway here is your calorie count. As long as you eat your required calorie count to lose 1 lb. a week, you will lose weight, plan and simple. For example: If your required calorie count to lose 1 lb. per week is 2000 calories per day and you eat 2000 calories a day of junk food, you will lose weight, but you will be hurting your body over time.

Here is a plan for those of you who want to lose weight fast and healthy.

You are only allowed to drink water. No other liquids are allowed. Water is natures natural source of fluids.

If you think you can't live without coffee, think again. Get healthy and drop that habit now!

As far as food go, you need to be eating a low carbohydrate diet. Being as low as possible is the key here. Dry to be under 50 grams of net carbs a day. Being at or below 20 grams is even better.

If you stick to these staple food you will be able to hit these numbers.

  • Meats
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Berries
  • Low carb veggies
  • Almonds

I get questions like. Can I eat rice? Can I eat bread? Can I eat pasta? I answers those questions like this. Are those foods on the list above? NO, then the answer is no. Not to mention those foods are the opposite of low carb.

With that being said, can you still enjoy carbs? YES

If you have a birthday party to go to or a holiday event, or maybe a night out with your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend, then by all means enjoy yourself.

However, you must follow the Golden Rule of not exceeding your daily calorie count. So make sure whatever you decide to eat on that event it fits into YOUR calorie count for the day.

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